As of 2016 Tillman Schäuble releases all music under the alias Catalyst OP1.
Here his new works here: ps-collective.com/catalyst-op1

Tillman Schäuble is a composer who approaches music from a psychological, rather than emotional, view point. Both in his composition and live improvisations, his aim is to transport the listener into a landscape that allows them to introspectively analyze their mind. He attempts this through the exclusive use of his analogue modular synthesizer. It’s immediacy, playability and vast sonic capabilities inspire and allow him to translate his desires for his music.

Growing up almost exclusively amongst free jazz as a child – due to his dad being a professional jazz drummer – meant that from a young age Tillman learned to be comfortable with free flowing music. However, due to his limited formal musical training at the time, he was not able to follow the complex melodic and harmonic progressions common to free jazz. This consequently allowed his mind to drift undistracted into a meditative trance where he took more notice of the immersive effects elicited by progressions in dynamic range, rhythm and sonic texture.

This subconcious learning experience, coupled with Tillman’s later education in orchestral performance (violin and double bass), meant that upon discovering his affinity with analog modular synthesizers, he became consumed by the fascination in recreating those moments of meditative trance instilled via variations in dynamics, rhythm and sonic texture in particular.

He now produces and performs progressive electronic music under the alias Catalyst OP1, his main tool being a 15u Eurorack modular synthesizer.